Month: July 2014

Kevin Hammond Interview

Frontside Air. [p] Michael Cirelli

Frontside Air. [p] Michael Cirelli

Michael Cirelli: Where you from and who do you ride for?
Kevin Hammond: I’m from Merrimack, NH and I skate for Creep Show, Lair Mobb and Red Alert Skateshop.

MC: It seems like I have know you for a long time…How many years have we been shooting photos and videos together?
KH: We’ve been shooting together since roughly 2009 I believe.

MC: Tell me how you got robbed in Arizona?
KH: A friend of mine from back east was flying into Phoenix to visit and his plane was landing at midnight. When I go out to get in my roommates car, I walked right past it because someone was in it and I just assumed it wasn’t his. When I made it to the end of the lot and didn’t see his car, I turned around and saw that I walked past it and there was some guy in the drivers seat clenching a backpack staring at me. So I run over, opened the door, grab him by the shirt and yelled, “Don’t move motherfucker. I just want all my shit on the hood of the car and you can leave.” He nodded in agreement. Then I put him by the hood and he seemed to comply. I reached into the drivers door where I knew I had my big hunting knife under some papers, when I realized it wasn’t there! I here him say, “Now you don’t move motherfucker.” I looked up just to see my knife blade inches from my face. Instantly I kick the drivers door into him and move away. He ran off and that’s how I got robbed with my own fucking knife!

“I looked up just to see my knife blade inches from my face.”

MC: What’s your all time worst and best skate moment?
KH: One of the worst times has got to be the time we were in NY skating the courthouse hubbas, between eating shit and getting told to leave by some random asshole. The best time for me skating was the couple weeks I spent in Portland, OR going to so many amazing parks.

MC: What kind of skating gets you really hyped?
KH: That Dane Burman part in, “Cold War” is a pretty good example of skating that psychs me up. I’ve always liked watching guys that can kill anything in front of them like Cardiel, Grant Taylor, Raven Tershy, etc.

MC: Tell me about the time we tried skating the black Hubbas in NYC?
KH: I had always wanted to skate the courthouse, there was someone trying a trick over the hubba and I was just trying lipslide but I lock up on the kink and eat shit. I gave it a couple more tries in-between this other kids attempts and then some guy out of a group of people watching yells out to us, talking shit implying that we should leave because we were effecting the one other kid skating and at that point we were in a place I don’t know at all. Outnumbered and with your expensive ass cameras, it was easier to just take off than it was to possibly deal with problems.

Ollie. [p] Michael Cirelli

Ollie. [p] Michael Cirelli

MC: What other psycho’s have you met skating?
KH: A couple friends and I used to skate off the back of an old big flat bed truck in the town we grew up in a lot and we never had any trouble ‘til some fat ass douche bag from a neighboring business came out, really pissed off and started screaming at us for no reason. We told him to fuck off and tried getting a couple more tries in ‘til he started walking towards us on his cell phone calling the cops. We started to leave at this point but he started chasing us down some steep ass hill and he eats shit down it. Which was hilarious but what wasn’t funny was when the cops caught up to us and almost arrested us for smashing the windshield of the truck we were skating because that cock sucker lied and said he saw us do it.

MC: Any people you want to thank?
KH: Big thank you to John at Creep Show, Red Alert Skateshop, Munday (Yeah G!) at Lair Mobb, Earl, Fiske, and the rest of the guys at Eastern Boarder, my mother for being the raddest skate mom ever, the rest of my family and friends and lastly you for all the help over the years!

Tato Feliciano Interview

Front Smith [p] Michael Cirelli

Front Smith [p] Michael Cirelli

Michael Cirelli: Where were you born and how did you end up in CT?
Tato Feliciano: I was born in Aguada, Puerto Rico. I moved to CT in 1993 because my sister was already living here and I wanted to skate.

MC: How long have you been skating?
TF: 24 years.

MC: I heard you are about to have a baby…or 2?
TF: Yes, twins, a boy and girl. They will be riding the half pipe in my yard like little pros by the time they are 2.

MC: Who have you ridden for in the past and who do you ride for now?
TF: I used to ride for 5Boro NYC back in the day, Savier shoes, and a bunch of other stuff. Now I ride for Bodega, Brick Wheels, Skate Lair, Rockstar Bearings, Mood Hardware and am starting my own company Borracho Brand.

MC: Tell me a good story about Oscar from Bodega?
TF: I remember him showing up at contests and demos in a hearse with a bunch of crazy guys. He’s a crazy German dude, but good people.

MC: Explain to people what Skate Lair is like? Is that place complete madness or what?
TF: Erik Munday, the owner and his crew are always down to skate, shoot guns, drink beer, good times! Don’t mess with them, they will shoot you!

“…leather vests, Jose Cuervo, Miller High Life…not a bike gang, skate gang.”

MC: Whats it like skating the Skate Lair bowl? Ever seen any one smash their face on the side of the support beam?
TF: It is awesome, I love it. Never saw someone smash their face on the beam but I’m sure it’s happened.

MC: I see you rocking that bad ass leather Boracho Brand Skate jacket? You in a biker gang or something? What up with this stuff?
TF: Borracho Brand is a lifestyle – cut off leather vests, Jose Cuervo, Miller High Life…not a bike gang, skate gang.

MC: You went down to the Tampa Pro contest this year and were yelling at skaters all day long? Please explain what the hell you were doing???
TF: Having a good time making people land stuff and partying my ass off! I decided to enter the team manager contest and I cleaned the floor for the other guys!

MC: You ever want to move back to Puerto Rico?
TF: Yes, maybe someday if I win the lotto.

MC: Any shout outs?
TF: My unborn babies (Leo and Georgina), Oscar from Bodega, Erik Munday and the Skate Lair, Matt at Brick Wheels, and cool peoples aspiring to live the Borracho lifestyle.

Chillin. [p] Michael Cirelli

Chillin. [p] Michael Cirelli

Dan Gallagher Interview

Dan still out skating. [p] Jimmy Collins

Dan still out skating. [p] Jimmy Collins

Mike Gustafson: What’s up with the hardflip?
Dan Gallagher: I was obsessed with like, you know 360 Shuvit off the nose? You can just flick it backside, so it’s like behind you? I was obsessed with trying to do that. My original idea was to do a Nollie 360 Hardlip. I just kept trying that over and over becuase I figured if you could do it that way (Nollie 360 Flip) – you could do it the other way. So I just tried that and I settled for the 180. And I did that at Bay Banks in Lexington. That was how that started. I learned it in reverse. I learned the Nollie Hardlfip and then Switch Hardflip and then Hardflip and then Fakie Hardflip. But it didn’t matter. I was already trying them Switch Hardflip Pivot, Switch Hardflip Bigspin – I was trying to do all those variations. Freestyle variations. Variations I learned from that type of skating. So I was basically trying to a 360 Nollie Hardlip. I see it today. This is the fucked up thing – I see people doing 180 Varial, right? It’s supposed to be a fucking 360 Varial. It drives me up a fucking wall. And, I know some people do it so perfectly and it’s just so sick. You know the ghetto flip and the illusion flip, all the variaitions of it. But really, it’s supposed to be 360 Varial. It drives me fucking crazy.

MG: So what you had in mind was essentially, way fucking harder?
DG: Yeah. And, I almost did it. I was really fucking close, man. I was so close. It’s disgusting how hard I tried to do that. Like I spent…I couldn’t even tell you how long and I’m sure there’s some kid out there just doing 360 Hardflips. It’s not something that’s way out of reach but I think at the time, I just didn’t have that skill level to get there. I just didn’t make it last long enough to get there. I tried them again 3 or 4 years ago in Lowell. I would go to the park every morning and I never forgot. It still bothers me. I would go and just keep trying it over and over. I had the nastiest Nollie 360 Varials…but to this day it still bothers me that I couldn’t get it.

“I was so out of touch that by the time I met Rodney (Mullen)
I was already doing those tricks.”

MG: So how did the name, “Hardflip” come about?
DG: People used to ask me what the trick was and the only way I could explain it was “It’s a 180 Varial Kickflip…but frontside…the hard way” and eventually I just called it the the Hardflip because I got sick of explaining it. Also, it was a bitch to do consistently. I still have people come up to me and say that they can’t do it…or they have trouble doing it consistently. Same problem I had.

MG: I’m just gonna pop in the Daewon, “Epicly Later’d” episode real quick. When Patrick O’Dell asked him “Did you do the Hardflip first?” He was pretty open that he probably wasn’t, but he was the first to film it. But in what you were just speaking on, on how the trick came to be, When he had filmed it, you had actually already done Nollie Hardflip, Switch Hardflip and THEN Hardflip.
DG: Yeah. One funny thing is that I was in touch with Chris Hall at the time. We used to talk on the phone and shit. Just talk about tricks. And he calls me up one day and he’s like, “Dude, Pep (Martinez) did a Nollie 180 Varial Flip” and I was like, “Oh, I learned Nollie 360 Kickflips”. He was like, “You learned Nollie 360 Varial??”. And, so I had no idea. I was working so hard and skating alone for so long that I had no idea. I was so out of touch that by the time I met Rodney (Mullen) I was already doing those tricks. You know what I mean? Like, when I first met him he was trying Nollie 360 flips. We met and he was just showing me trick ideas and I showed him I could do it and that’s how we became friends.


Spiro Razis Interview

Back D in Berlin. [p] Olman Torres

Back D in Berlin. [p] Olman Torres

Jon Wolf: What’s the craziest story you have from being a skater all these years?
Spiro Razis: One of the craziest stories is when I took a van with a friend and drove from San Franciaco to Panama trying to skate all the way but it ended up being a life or death experience.
JW: Best bar in South America?
SR: Best bar is the Cafe San Juan in Buenos Aires, Argentina
JW: Has anybody ever shit their pants in the tour van?
SR: No shit in the van, lucky me!
Spiro in Berlin. [p] Olman Torres

Spiro in Berlin. [p] Olman Torres

JW: Have you ever headbutted someone?
SR: No head butted at all
JW: What are your plans with skating?
SR: My plan is still the same since 1985. Keep skating and searching for adventures. Shit, to skate all over the world non stop!!
JW: Shout out’s or thank you’s?
SR: I’d like to thank Step Dad mag for keep it real in 2014. And thanks, Element, Nike SB, Red Bull and Roots trucks for keeping this adventure going!!

John Coyne Interview


Tony Le: So, what are you doing tomorrow morning?
John Coyne: Tonight, I’m drinking but in the morning I have to be sober. I can’t blow a .01 in the morning because I have a DOT test.

TL: What is a DOT test?
JC: They check your eyes, your ears…

TL: Well what is it for?
JC: For a job that I gotta get back that I collected off for 15 months, ‘cause I’m a pile of shit, haha.

TL: What does “D.O.T” stand for??
JC: I don’t even know…I just have that test. Whats MCATS?? Like, fuck, who tells you that??? But like I got a DOT test in the morning and I can’t blow a point .01 in the morning. I can’t be drinking too long.

TL: Do you know what the MA limit is?
JC: The MA limit is .08 if your 21 – if your under that it’s .02 and I just need…no matter what…I can’t blow .01 in the morning. So I have to stop drinking.

TL: And what time is it right now?
JC: 11:50

TL:…and we are all fucking sauced…
JC: I’m gonna get my job back, gonna be a shithead after. I’m gonna smoke weed…I’m gonna do it all after tomorrow. But I gotta pass this.

Alright, so Coyne convinced me to get in his truck and go to the next bar and it’s 12am, it’s still early, ummm, hopefully we don’t get a DUI.

TL: So do you do this often?
JC: Almost every night…I do. This is what I’m about. I’m not gonna be a pussy.

TL: Don’t run that red light.
JC: I’m not gonna run that light. I’m a good drunk driver. I’ve been drinking and driving since I was 18.

“I’m strapped, if the world ends come to me mutha fuckas, I got two 12 gauges, I got a 20 gauge, two .43s I got a 17 MHR I got a .22 WM , I got a fuckin AK-47, two .50 caliber muzzle loaders, I have three bows…”

TL: You know what? Fuck it. What’s up with this HUF tattoo? Hoof?
JC: Hoof. C’mon dude, smarten up.

TL: My pronunciation is not on par. Hoof. Yo, watch out for that fucking cop over there. But anyways, Hoof. How do you have the balls to name a trick that’s already been named…years before.
JC: Well, honestly it wasn’t me, it was Pat Gleason. He started calling them Hoof because of Hoofbite in CKY2K, he does a frontside noseslide and then he does the worst one ever and he’s like, “That’s a hoof!” Gleason said that and everyone…in the Northeast knows it as Hoof. Go to any motherfucker.

This is pretty sketchy right now. Coyne is not driving between the lines and cops are everywhere.

TL: So Nick Lamarche just called me and asked me to ask Coyne about the Tom Petty concert. Can you elaborate please?
JC: Alright, man…this was a rough night…I started off, I drank a $3.75 bottle of SoCo and probably in about 45 minutes to an hour, killed it, on the ride to the concert. Drank that, got to the concert drank probably like 10 beers before I had a blunt. There was people next to us with vodka so I was smoking a blunt whatever

TL: Wait, at the show?
JC: At the show, in the parking lot whatever. Pre gaming smoking a blunt and the dude next to me was like, “You can drink as much vodka as you want – let us rip that.” and I was like “OK”, haha. Let a couple kids rip it, two kids and I just went and I drank a shitload of vodka. Went into the concert…was feeling good. My Morning Jacket played first and then, ah, Petty played second and then when Petty started playing I didn’t feel so well, haha. I started puking in the aisle, called some girl a cunt and then ummm…

TL: Wait, what led up to the word cunt coming out?
JC: Vodka! And vodka happened, called her a cunt….whatever and since fucking I puked in the concert they had to take me in an ambulance because they didn’t know if I fucking hit my head, hahaha, so I fuckin, I went to the hospital and I started bugging out. Like freaking out on everyone…I stood up, I tried to leave and they ended up handcuffing me to the bed with both my arms so I couldn’t get out of the hospital bed, because…I was just drunk. I was fine. I was a friendly drunk but these people…ahhh, fuck ‘em man. Fuck ‘em.

TL: Alright, now that we’ve gotten that story in there, umm, I was informed of a certain event where you drank a little too much and got a breathalyzer , umm….what the fuck happened, hahah???
JC: Well, the thing is I didn’t get a breathalyzer, we have our own cause, it’s fucking hilarious.

TL: What do you mean get your own? Who has there own?
JC: Mont took it from his house, ‘cause Mont’s dad has one…and it’s just fucking hilarious to do so…whatever.

TL: Wait, why does Mont’s dad have a fucking breathalyzer?
JC: Cause Mont’s Dad is a complete alcoholic. He has his own breathalyzer, we were shitfaced and we had it at the house. We drank all night, drank until 6 in the morning, woke up at noon, I blew a breathalyzer at noontime and I blew a .11 and the legal limit is .08, haha. And this has happened probably…every weekend. I usually do .07, .06 but that weekend I killed it!!!

TL: So I hear your into hunting? How did you get into it? I hear you have an extensive collection.
JC: Ok, Ok, we’ll ahhh, talk animals first. I got four bucks, two does, I got a coyote, two fox, and I got a raccoon.

TL: Do you think you track down a buck? Do you think you can track down an animal?
JC: Actually, the last dear I shot…I tracked him…

TL: I mean like before you shot him.
JC: Nah, I’m not a fuckin, some fuckin military crazy ass….

TL: So you couldn’t survive a fucking zombie apocalypse??
JC: Time out….I still have a flip phone – fuck all of you guys, hahah.

TL: Alright, alright, so when you shot that raccoon did he look you in the eyes and tell you, “Your a bitch.” ?
JC: Nah, I blasted him in the dome and he rolled on the ground . That’s all. That was the end of that thing.

TL: So how did you get into hunting?
JC: Me and Clem had fucking pellet guns and we did that for like a year. I wanted to get my gun license and he was like, “No, keep shooting pellet guns” like a little fucking…coward and I just decided to fuckin get my gun license and we just went an did that and since then I’ve just been hunting animals…deer, turkey. I got two furs at home, I tried to do the first one myself.

TL: Speaking of furs – what’s your opinion of Pete Moulton and his new enthusiasm for rodents?
JC: Pete Moulton is the best dude I know. Like fuck everyone else but Pete. That’s how I feel about him.

TL: Umm, so how do you feel about Currency skateboards and how they never offered you anything?
JC: I mean Currency never offered me anything but I got one on my wall. Boom!

TL: You love puking?
JC: Oh, I love it. I puked today. I puked at 4 o’clock.I ate a Moe’s burrito today at about three o’clock and I puked at 4 on purpose. I tried to puke on one of my friends feet.

TL: Alright, back to skateboarding…
JC: Fuck skateboarding…

TL: Alright, what do you have for firearms?
JC: I’m strapped, if the world ends come to me mutha fuckas, I got two 12 gauges, I got a 20 gauge, two .43s I got a 17 MHR I got a .22 WM , I got a fuckin AK-47, two .50 caliber muzzle loaders, I have three bows…

Waste of Life Interview


 Mike Gustafson: Congrats on the new album! I really dig it. Parts of which remind me of one of my favorite bands, “Cold as Life”. Was it a conscious choice to utilize elements of 90’s era hardcore music? What’s your song writing process like?

Justin Rocky Davis Flores:  It wasn’t totally a conscious decision to use 90’s elements. We are influenced by bands across many genres. We are influenced by some bands that did a lot prior to 2000, such as Pantera, Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, No Warning, Cro Mags, Black Flag and tons more. Some current stuff we are jamming a lot of is Swamps, Rude Awakening, Expire, Never Relaxed, Cruel Hand, Harms Way, Hardtime and a ton more. Our song writing process can go several ways. Sometimes, one of our guitarists, either JR or Dylan will start off just writing a riff and recording it on our laptop. From there, we will play with ideas on drums and then jam them in the basement and Mike(drummer) will find an even better, beefier version of what we had originally imagined in our minds of how the drums would sound. We add Mike’s drums to our precious self demo recording and have Chris on bass help really make the sound full. From there I’ll write lyrics. Sometimes it can be lengthy to find numerous rhythms and lyrics that fit well and help the song flow and sometimes I can write a song in 10 minutes from the first time I hear it. We usually jam these songs at practice, eventually transforming them into a much better full song as we all put in little insights in which we know we could make things tighter and better overall. When we all feel like we have a EP or split ready we record with Ryan Stack at Format Audio. Awesome dude, very fair price. Gives that perfect blend needed in hardcore. He has put out a ton of awesome stuff from all kinds of genres. We are all definitely heavily influenced by hardcore. We love the passion, the sound, energy and the vibe that is projected through the musi , shows or even when you are walking down the street and you’re just chatting with someone you don’t know, that you just started talking to them because they are wearing a shirt from a band you like. It’s a very tight and for the most part, unbiased scene. As cheesy as it may sound, it’s a home and a place to cope with all the other bullshit we deal with daily and so much more

MG: How did the band come together and where are you guys from?

JRDF: The band came together slowly last February of 2013. It was originally just JR, Chris and I. JR was my roommate for about a year and I knew him from previous bands other music interests. Chris was one of JRs friends and previous bandmates prior to me moving down from Maine 3 years ago. JR wrote guitar and we just made some beats, literally making noises with our mouths and then on the laptop for some awful sounding cpu drums but it was a start. About a month later we started demoing vocals and then showed it to a few guitarist and drummers in the area. It wasn’t until roughly August in which we had about 3 songs. Mike who was already a friend of ours finally heard the demo and was immediately interested. We practiced for a while and eventually went into the studio with Ryan Stack. After getting a couple premixed tracks back we showed a few friends and Dylan was definitely into it. In no time Dylan was able to learn all the songs and has already helped write some of our split we are releasing soon with Hardtime and in the process of writing for a full length. Mike, JR and I live together in Cranston and Chris and Dylan make the commute when we practice from Mansfield, MA.

MG: What led you into hardcore music in the first place and do you recall your first show?

JRDF: .I was a late bloomer. The only bands that I enjoyed where New Found Glory, Blink 182, Third Eye Blind, maybe a few mainstream metal artists and probably some bad rap or hip hop. I wasn’hardcore market in Rhode Island but was able to make it out to some shows when I wasn’t on call at the hospital. I only knew about 4 people in the whole state but over time I made some new friends and showed them some of the hardcore I was into. I remember showing Rude Awakening to a few friends when they first released their demo. It’s awesome to see how much they have progressed. Awesome, hardworking dudes that definitely earned it. After going to more and more shows I started to get involved just by helping spread the word via mouth, Facebook handbills etc… I always wanted to be in a band and I had just pitched the idea to JR when I was living with him to see if he would be interested and he was like, “Why not?”.

MG: What’s your take on the hardcore scene in 2014? Have show’s been well attended and what are some of your favorite places to play?

JRDF:  The hardcore scene in 2014 is definitely on the upswing. No more saying, “I remember the good ol’ days”, because they are happening again now in hardcore. I go to a ton of shows checking out friends bands, new bands, helping promote other shows etc. and I think the New England scene is really coming back around. All the way up at the Kave in Bucksport, ME and down the New England coastline and into Providence, RI, show attendance is up and the actual positive aggression, whether it be banging your head, moshing, stage diving, singing etc. being displayed is higher than in previous years. Given there are always the few people that are there for the wrong reasons, whether it be to try and pick on people in the pit or start a fight or are super clicky and cause drama. The number of people that are there for hardcore is definitely up. We just started playing shows in May and every show we have played has been awesome thus far. Usually over 100 people and even the one or 2 that were under 100 people, the passion still stood very strong. Our favorite places to play right now are definitely Anchor’s Up in Haverhill, MA, Windham Veteran’s Center in Windham,ME and Firehouse 13 in Providence,RI. The energy and support these places have to offer are like no other right now.

MG: What’s next for you guys?

JRDF: Currently we are practicing new material that we just recorded for our split with Hardtime and aim to play at our show August 3rd at the Frequency Deleted Records 10 year anniversary show in Palmer with a bunch of awesome bands. Revenge, East Beast, Warcross, Apes of Wrath, Living Laser, Dick Move, Recycled Earth and Bicicleta. Show will be insane. We aim to release the split digitally early September prior to a physical release when we play with Expire, Swamps and Hardtime September 11th in Windham, Maine. We plan to stay busy with practice and writing for the next couple months and play out a little more in the north east

MG: Thank you for the interview, Justin! Is there anything you’d like to add?

JRDF: I just want to thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Even though the hardcore scene is on the upswing there is still a ton that can be done and not enough yet to make it where it should be. People like you are few and far and do so much for the hardcore scene. We truly appreciate it and if you need any traffic to your site I am more than willing to help. Hope to see you at a show and if you wanna snag a CD and a shirt from us just come say, “Hi” and introduce yourself. We will be more than willing to give them to you. Sorry the answers are so long there is so much more that hardcore has done for me to put me where I am today in which I am very grateful. Rocking out to Down to Nothing, Swamps, Revenge, Terror, No Warning, Villain, Incendiary at 1AM in the morning on my way to a heart attack patient is the exact thing I need to pump me awake so I can perform quickly.




By: Nathan Keegan

Top 3 things about living back in Worcester.
1. It’s getting nicer but it’s still relatively lawless compared to other places.
At least I pretend it is.
2. Nostalgia. It’s where it all started. It’ll always be homebase no matter where I’m at.
3. Off the grid. I only run into or see people I want to.

Top 3 things about Boston.
1. AQ, my favorite spot in the world. Good ledges, flat, ocean view,
city skyline, lots of babes. Grab a cold boy and lurk your heart out.
2. A great skate scene. Everyone is so good and is stuck in the
‘90s era of skateboarding.
3. Seriously, the best skate scene. Everyone’s friends, there’s a real leisure
approach to skating. No one’s out to be the next Nyjah. We just cruise
around, chill, mack girls, smoke spliffs, sun bathe and end the day at the
best bar ever “Biddys”. See what I did there? Dropped that name!
Whatup guys! That calls for a free shot and beer!

Top 3 things about San Francisco.
1. Weather is perfect for me. ‘70s, dry, sunny.
2. Everyone’s really nice there, even the women. There’s tons of good looking
babes and they for the most part aren’t stuck up. Just the overall vibe is
good. People are nicer. I grew up in New England, people are either pissed
off, or stuck up. Or both. It’s a nice change of scenery.
3. It’s a comfort zone for me. I feel at home there. I’ve been there so many
times. I have tons of good friends there and over the years everyone’s
treated me like family. Overall, I’m very happy when I’m there and I hated
leaving. I’ve wanted to live there for years but just haven’t quite made the
move yet. Hopefully things align someday and I live there.

Alex Raspa Interview [Bill Murray Video]

CMART: I was really feeling all the overlaps in music, dialogue and the sound of the board. Were you free styling the mix in a way or was this heavily calculated?
Alex Raspa: I would say most of the skate video is free styled. I have a rough draft in my mind but I probably scratched out a couple of edits I made. I’ll go back and rewatch an edit I made days or weeks later, and if it doesn’t get me hyped then off to the trash bin.

CM: I was feeling the hop hop tracks too. Who are your top 3 favorite rappers?
AR: Kool Keith , 90’s Redman, and Ghostface.

CM: How would you describe your style of going out and filming?
AR: My style of going out and filming is not too planned at all. Maybe an idea or area to go is but I sometimes don’t even know exact locations. I just try to meet up with friends and I never try to pressure a person into skating something. Also, I have fun filming on the fly, and not with a plan. Miles Davis style.
This way there is no failing a plan. I don’t even have a real camera bag. I use a canvas bag for the lightness, and I try to keep the VX in my hand most of the time while out because it helps out the back.

CM: You think Charlie Chaplin would have skated?
AR: No doubt in my mind that Chaplin would have been able to Tre Flip Wallenberg .

CM: I heard you set that car on fire specifically for the video. Is that true?
AR: The budget for this Bill Murray film was thru the roof. When Bill Murray is your biological father, anything can be done.

CM: I heard that collision in Florida was a world record for distance? How far did that fool go?
AR: That clip was filmed by a florida homie by the name of Jack Turner . Supposedly Jack told the skater to haul ass at the pedestrian because the pedestrian was wearing Supreme gear the same color way Jack had on. So beef erupted and what you see occur is a body fly a good 20 feet.

CM: The Oj wheels section session was sick. How was it hanging at the pool with Fred, Brian, Cranny and friends?
AR: Oh hell yeah, that pool was on a property in Jersey. Hurricane Sandy had hit that area pretty good and the home had gotten blown away from it. So the only thing left was the pool. I remember Brian Brown was having trouble at first with just being in that transition and by the time an hour had passed he was floating back lips on that seat like he owned the pool. Shit got me psyched. Condensed energy of good souls skating a pool has to be documented.

CM: John clayton was crushing all over the world in this vid. You film with him a lot?
AR: John Clayton is the florida homie for life. During the time of making this film he was just down to get that footy like he always is. And he wanted to go Far East. So we took a trip to Thailand and Japan and he killed it. I mean he’s the dude who doesn’t reach out to sponsorship, lives in the small town, and just stays humble and happy doing his own thing. If you ever get the chance to skate with him you will definitely notice his power stomp way of skating.

CM: What’s your favorite part of your film?
AR: My favorite part of the film is the violin part with Jack Kerouac. That’s actually my friends mom playing the Cello. His parents are in a traveling orchestra. She was chilling one day, playing at our apartment, and I pulled out the cam and got her to play something .

CM: Where can people see it?
AR: Right now I uploaded to video to the Jenkem magazine site [] and I put it up on my Vimeo account. Just google “Bill Murray skateboard film” and it will pop up.

CM: I think it’s cool you named the video after your Dad. Was he hyped?
AR: When we were getting the boot at spots in Japan we randomly would say that we were filming for the new “Bill Murray Movie” and the cops would get psyched on that and let us skate longer and that’s how my dad was born .

CM: Shout out’s?
AR: Thanks to 561 skateboard shop and stay tuned I will be dropping some NYC edits online soon for Jenkem Mag online.
Peace Step Dad and good looks Chris Martin for making this happen.

Derek Taylor Interview

Derek Taylor, Noseblunt. [p] Michael Cirelli

Derek Taylor, Noseblunt. [p] Michael Cirelli

Michael Cirelli: Where you from?
Derek Taylor: I live in Danville, NH.

MC: What kind of stuff do you like to skate?
DT: I’m pretty much down to skate anything. Definitely prefer street but I love a good mini ramp. Vert is out of the question, haha.

MC: What is your favorite brand of malt liquor?
DT: I don’t drink too much malt liquor but I never turn down a Captain n Coke or Captain n Orange soda. Shits crack.

“There are some milfs where I work for sure,
so I guess we will see if we can get shit poppin!”

MC: We all know you like them big girls …you going to Hampton Beach this summer on the Ruckus with them on the back?
DT: Of course I am!! I might pop a couple tires along the way but the Rucks are made for big chicks. It may take us a little while but well get there.

MC: Your day job is working as the lawn dude…got any stories about those stay at home moms?
DT: I wish I had a good story, haha! Every landscapers dream. There are some milfs where I work for sure, so I guess we will see if we can get shit poppin!

MC: You ever get into a fight? You win or Lose?
DT: I’ve been in a couple fights. The best was when me and my buddy got jumped when we were 16 at a skatepark by 3 18 year olds. Neither one of us got touched, haha. Spanked them lil bitches.

MC: Any thanks or shout outs?
DT: Big shout out to all my homies I skate with, NOTB always making sure I have a fresh board n kicks, parents, Cirelli for sure. Bill, MTN Dew Voltage, tank tops, and my cat snowball.