Month: June 2014

Fred Gall Interview


[Summer 2012]

Chris Martin How have you been enjoying your time in BK or NJ?
Fred Gall Hell yeah, both are fun as shit. Just skating and chillin with my girl and the homeys.

CM Who do you like skating with?
FG Andrew, Steve Durante, MindBender, PJ3, BK and Newark homeys.

CM What up with the granny wagon?
FG The granny wagon is unstoppable. We call it the “WAR WAGON”. That things been to hell and back.

CM You pick the grannies up?
FG If they need a lift, I got em.

CM What’s the first thing you think of when you hear Step Dad mag?
FG I just laugh because the name is awesome.

CM Do you have a step dad?
FG Used to, but my mom let him go. She rules.

CM Do you know anyone else that does?
FG Yeah.

CM What do you think about him?
FG They be cool or we will fuck him up.

CM What’s your dad like?
FG My dads the raddest dude ever.

CM Who influences you young and old?
FG Steve Durante is wrecking shop, Derek Rinaldi and Lou Metal always killing it.

CM First trick?
FG Ollie or weak boneless.

CM How is The sober bender going?
FG I did 32 days sober…then got wrecked for a weekend but now I’m back on the sober mission. It works better.

CM Where is the best burger in Newark?
FG A bar called Krugs has by far the best burger in NJ, go there.

CM What makes it so good?
FG Its BIG as fuck and the grill is like 40 years old, Mad Flavor.

CM Any new projects your working on?
FG I just Finished my “REAL STREET” part for ESPN. The online comp. starts in June. Would be stoked for some Step Dad votes! I also have a lot of projects in the works for DOMESTICS CLOTHING,thats our company out of NJ.

CM What’s next for Fred gall?
FG Shred and stay out of trouble.

CM Shout outs?
FG Big shouts to my little homey Pistol Starter and everyone in the hallway. BIG Thanks Step Dad!

Empty Slogans

It’s very much possible in a camp to forget just how vulnerable you are in prison. In the middle of work today, 12 guards walked in all of a sudden, rounded us up and did a mass strip search of all of us and abruptly shooed us out of the building.
I know that this is part of the warden’s efforts to remove the riff raff from our ranks, which I’m honestly okay with, as those who refuse to cease mischievous activity make the administration come down hard on the entire population. In theory, camp level inmates are supposed to be better than that. But, once again, that’s in theory.

Nonetheless, there is virtually nothing more humiliating and violating than having a bunch of screws no better than you make you spread your ass cheeks and lift your balls.

This is not the first time I’ve experienced this by any means. In county, random raids at 4:30 am were not uncommon and strip searches were a daily thing (although they were usually done one on one). Throughout the month that I was on the road, (or diesel therapy as we call it), I was searched two to three times at every stop, often in groups of four. I think what makes this different is that this is the first time I’ve been searched
while on the camp grounds. Here you sometimes forget that you’re doing time, that it’s us vs. them, and that they own you. Today served as a crashing reminder of where I am, and who I am now seen as.

The other thing that ought to be noted is what the guards wore. Fatigues and B.O.P. shirts with graphics and slogans that belong on one of those No Fear shirts like “Sniper Squad”, “You Can Run but you can’t hide”, “D.R.C. Squad” (or some 3 initialed organization) and “First ones in, last ones out.” Yes, there are issued by the bureau with your tax dollars. It thus seems clear that the majority of their jobs consist of a war games mentality. There may be a small amount of danger in their work in riot situations, but otherwise, let’s face it, the odds are heavily tipped in their favor. More than anything, the whole experience is just dehumanizing. Don’t even get me started on how they often kick us out of our bunks (which are the closest thing that we’ve got to home), and tear them apart—a much more common occurrence. One may say that we broke the law and thus deserve to be treated like animals. If you believe that then you obviously don’t understand how broad the possible infractions are that can put somebody away. Just keep in mind a simple maxim, “karma’s a bitch”, and that applies as much to the condemner as it does the condemned. “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone…”

Song: “Colony of Birchmen” by Mastadon – This is easily one of the best new songs that I’ve heard while locked up.


Worcester Living/Stabbings


By: Nathan Keegan

Worcester is a wild place. I’ve been to a lot of different places, but to this day I have seen more crazy shit in Worcester, then anywhere. By FAR.
Small cities that are cut off from the rest of the world tend to be the worst I think. Needless to say, growing up around that, you tend to get into some wild shit.
These photos in particular have to do with my good friend Richie. I’ve known him for a cool 10 years. We were friends but then had a good 6 year long beef that probably stemmed from both of us being stubborn assholes – but he started it. Anyways, years later we kind of ended up hanging out at a mutual friends house, and got drunk and realized that neither of us had a real reason to hate each other. We squashed it, and moved on. A couple of years after, I moved to Main South in Worcester and had a dope crib but in the worst area. It was my birthday and I had a barbeque with the homies. We were all fucked up and I was grilling. Richie kept fucking with me with his foot. I said, “Do it again and I’ll stick you!”. Like Richie, he did, and I was half joking, but I ended up stabbing his foot with a steak knife. Blood was everywhere. He just looked at me like, “Your a dick man, you just stabbed me! Not cool dude!”. Glasses took him to the ER and he got stitched up and a tetanus shot. I remember him saying after, “I deserved that for talking shit on you for years, but now we’re even. No more knives!”. We’ve been through car accidents, baseball battings, and stabbings. We’ve also had each others back through tough times, though, and have had many good times. efil 4 zaggin.
You my boy blue!




Mike Gustafson: Hey Chris, thanks for taking the time to do this interview.
I’ve seen you riding your motorcycle around the city. Can you do wheelies?
Chris Linkovich: Not yet Mike, but soon. What’s the point in even having a motorcycle if I can’t do a wheelie?! I bunny hopped a Harley once though.

MG: Your band tours a lot and I’m sure lots of crazy shit goes down. Can you tell us a fucked up tour story?
CL: So many fucked up stories. We were in panama city panama in 09. Out drummer at the time decide to branch off from the group and to go be a sketchy American some where. A local brought him to a real shitty part of town to be weird and he got held up at gun point at an ATM by a teenager. Our drummers inner retard kicked in suddenly! Instead of giving him the money he grabs the gun and it fires. They both look at each as if the gun firing was never part of the deal then they both turn and run shook as fuck! Moral of the story: not all places are as shitty as the media makes it out to but still good to stick together. Be sketchy and weird together!

MG: Have you ever accidently punched someone in the face when holding the mic out in the crowd for a sing-along?
CL: Never accidentally punched anyone but I used to get my fingers caught in people’s mouths. Made things really awkward. I try to laugh it off. Only bit once out of the many times.


SD: Have you ever autographed a woman’s breasts?
CL: With a pen?

SD: I know you are about to embark on a European tour which I’m pretty sure is not your first. Is mayonnaise a standard condiment with fries and is the soda really always warm in Europe?
CL: Yeah dude mayo on everything! Shits crazy but I don’t mind it. Mayo on my fritz any day. Getting ice is fucking impossible sometimes. Talk about first world problems! Can I get some ice? Or a free refill of some kind? The soda is warm and flat; euro hell.

SD: Is there any chance of Cruel Hand covering Ted Nugent’s “Stranglehold”? I think it would be pretty awesome since one of your guitar player’s uses a Gibson Explorer.
CL: Our friends from Oxford hills, “Load Rag” used to cover that all the time! Awesome band, awesome name. They had songs about std’s, coke whores and abortions. If your’e a fan of any of these things then “Load Rag” is your band!

SD: Where can people go for updates on “Cruel Hand”?
CL: People can go to or to the tour tumblr which get a lot of video and photo updates from me

SD: Do you have any other bands/projects going on that you’d like to speak on?
CL: Right now, I’m in the process of getting a lo-fi/demo tape collective going called,”Dead Language Collective”. Basically, it’s no budget home recordings that my friends are doing. Expression by any means and with limited resources. They may see it as crap because of production or sound but thats the rawest form of expression and art. Things sounds too good in this age. The first release will be a mix tape and I’m stoked to be having your band, “Stage Fright” on the tape! Thanks for the interview Mike! Hopefully we can throw a “Cruel Hand”, “Stage Fright” trasher this summer. Keep your eye out for the “Dead Language Collective Mix Tape”! Peas!

Frankie Nash Interview



Mike Gustafson: The new Orchard video, “Stone Soup”, looks amazing! What are your thoughts on how it turned out and what was your process like in filming for your video part?
Frankie Nash: I’m hyped on how it turned out! The concept behind the video is based off an old folklore story about a village coming together to make something out of nothing. The Stone Soup story relates a lot to the diversity of the Orchard team and skateboarding within the city of Boston. We all came together to make this video in order to showcase Boston skateboarding to the world. As far as my filming process, I would say I put a lot of time and effort into trying to produce a part I was happy with. I tried to find unique spots and I tried to skate them in a creative way. Armin [Bachman] did a great job of putting the video together and I’m hyped on how it came out!

MG: The skate scene in Boston is comprised of an amazingly talented and creative group, with Orchard playing a central role in fostering and continuing to develop skating in the area. Can you elaborate on your experience with the shop and how it’s been, being apart of such a great community?
FN: There are so many amazing skaters in Boston! I was living on Mission Hill when the original shop opened up and I would always go and hang out there. I became friends with all the dudes and began skating with them on a frequent basis. I then moved to Allston and shortly after the shop moved there, too. It’s nice having a skate shop so close to home. I started riding for the shop shortly after that and I can’t thank them enough for all they’ve done for me. At one point when my other job was slow I was working there for a bit. Recently they gave me the opportunity to do some graphics for them and to my surprise it ended up as a shop board. They’ve done so much for the Boston skate community and continue to do so on a daily basis.

MG: How has it been working with Habitat for the last couple years? Do you have any insight as to what the future holds for the company and did you see the changes that took place coming?
FN: One of my first videos growing up was Photosynthesis and after seeing that I instantly fell in love with the vibe and aesthetic that Habitat produces. When I first got on the shop, we went on a trip to Philly and Armin asked me if I wanted to start getting boards and at the time, shoes from them. I was in awe and it was a dream come true. Mike Tallone was the local rep for them and he started flowing me. Shorty after that, the Habitat dudes were on tour and came through Boston. I showed them around the city and skated with them for a few days. That was an amazing experience and another dream come true! Mike Tallone shifted gears and began working for another company but directed me towards Brennan Conroy (the TM). I had met him when they were here and he was down to start flowing me direct. We all heard rumors flying around about it and we all saw the Alien team dwindle but we all didn’t want to believe it would actually happen. When the initial “announcement” happened I was already dealing with a bunch of other shit in my life. It was the ender to a really shitty couple weeks for me. I was working 2 jobs, basically 7 days a week and trying to find what little time I had to skate. I had just gotten over being insanely sick with strep throat and then my girlfriend dumped me. To top it off, the board company I rode for was supposedly going under. I was bummed. Since then, after learning more about the details it seems like Habitat isn’t going anywhere. It may take some time but Joe Castrucci is not going to let it die. The company that owned DNA stills owns the rights and name but they are trying to get it back from them. Only time will tell. I was basically told to sit tight and see what happens. I’m not planning on bailing on a company that has supported me for so long.

MG: Do you have any other projects you are currently working on and what do you have in store for the summer?
FN: I’ve feel like for the longest time, I’ve always been working on some sort of project. Now that this video is done I’m definitely gonna take some time and enjoy the summer. The day after the premiere we went to the beach and it was amazing! I definitely plan on doing more of that this summer. We’ve also been doing a lot of grilling and hanging by the fire at my friends Eddie and Steve’s place. Nothing like an ice cold beer and a steak fresh off the grill. A lot of hanging with the boys and letting the good times roll. I also plan on taking some time to just skate and chill. Go to some skate parks and just cruise. I still have yet to check out the concrete parks down in CT and definitely want to get down there at some point this summer. As far as upcoming projects, I will be working on Tim Savage’s video as well as Tin Tran’s video. As well as whatever is in store for future Orchard projects. I still have a lot of footage that didn’t get used so we may put out another part or use it as bonus for the DVD when it comes out.

MG: Thank you for the interview Frankie! Is there anyone you’d like to thank or give a shout out to?
FN: Anytime. Thanks for your support! I’d also like to thank the following people: My family, my friends Armin Bachman, Broderick Gumpright, Matt Bagley, Jon Devoe, Orchard teammates and employees. Kevin Leslie and Andy Henry at Converse. Brennan Conroy and Joe Castrucci at Habitat. Adam Crew, Toebock, Independent Trucks, Mike Tallone, Tin Tran, Tim Savage, Elliott Vecchia, Sam McCormick, Sean Michon, Rob Collins, Trevor Denman, Xeno, Zander Taketomo, The Model Caf,e Babe Manor, Killshit, Mike G. and Step Dad Mag.