SHUT AMs x Interviews


Leo Gutman, Front 5-0. [p] Darnell Scott

CMART: What’s your name, hometown, alias and insta jam?
Leo Gutman: Brooklyn, NY. leothelip? I don’t really have an alias I guess. @leothelipski

CMART: How did you get down with SHUT?
LG: Through two great people, one introducing me
to the other. Taji Ameen and Michael Cohen.

CMART: How is school helping your skating?
LG: It’s helping me have perspective on life and skateboarding. Skateboarding’s so amazing it has an omnipotent power over us. School helps me resist skateboarding once in a while to fuel my brain.
CMART: Best and worst of NYC?
LG: Amazing architecture and the best food ever as pros. Bitter cold winter with withered ground as the cons.

CMART: New Year’s Resolution?
LG: Be more productive. I’m not getting any younger and the days aren’t getting any longer.


Pat Hoblin, 5050 [p] Darnell Scott

What’s your name, hometown, alias and insta jam?
Pat Hoblin: I’m from Long Island. Path, The Goblin, Tommy Ankles, haha. insta: @_path

CMART: Favorite things to do outside of skating?
PH: Creating. Shooting flicks, drawing, painting, relaxing, eating – definitely eating. Bones. Always down for some games bones.

CMART: Where can people experience your photos?
PH: I steadily post pics up on my insta. I also have tons of film developed and undeveloped that I will eventfully put out. Zine, show, etc.

CMART: New Year’s Resolution?
PH: Being more productive with everything.

CMART: Favorite Skater right now?
PH: Hard question…so many rippers. Luis, Piro, Shred master Keith, paych crew, Jordan Trahan. Can’t do one…haha.


Mike Powley, Wallie [p] CORN Photo

What’s your name, hometown, alias and insta jam?
Mike Powley: My name is Mike Powley originally from Vernon, CT. A lot of people call me, “Gangsta Mike” or “G Mike” and my instagram handle is @fvckmikepowley

CMART: How did you get down with SHUT?
MP: I got down with SHUT mostly through Erik Munday at Skate Lair, Pat Hoblin and just being around their flagship store on Orchard street.

CMART: Your kickflip game is tight! How many kickflips have you done in your lifetime?
MP: In my lifetime, I have no clue, haha. Definitely enough for me to get pissed off if I cant land one, haha.

CMART: Best and worst of NYC?
MP: The best part of NYC is that it’s the greatest city in the world. Great food, great skate spots, there’s mad events that the skateboard community puts together. There’s tons of things to do. I guess the worst of NYC would have to be the many distractions, the shitty attitudes everyone has, MTA, the fact rent is too expensive, and the fucking wack ass subway performers and amount of retarded people that are around the city daily.

CMART: Favorite SHUT moment?
MP: My favorite SHUT moment, I think has yet to come, but I guess the best one so far was actually getting on the team or getting a little bit of coverage in a couple Japanese magazines. Stay tuned for 2015.


Bogdan, Crook. [p] Scott Furkay

Whats your name, Hometown, alias,
and insta jam?
Bogdan: Bogdan, Kiev, Ukraine/New York, NY. @bogdamnit @gnarmads

CMART: What is a gnarmad?
Bogdan: Gnarmads started off as a joke when Matt Cruz and I won a bike scavenger hunt around the city under that name. Ever since then, it has evolved into something neither of us could have imagined. I guess it’s someone who gets out of their own comfort zone, putting themselves into situations most would avoid. Basically, do whatever you want at all times without regret.

CMART: Best and worst of NYC?
Bogdan: The skate scene is the best. It’s so much funner skating in NYC because you can just pick up your board and go. No plans, no destinations, just you and your board exploring the unknown. Through that, I guarantee you will meet more awesome people in one day then you would usually following regular routines. Worst part: Bridge and tunnel crowds. Winter.

CMART: What was your favorite project, trip or experience that you had in 2014?
Bogdan: It’s tough to pick just one, since all of them are unique in their own ways. I guess I would have to go with the longest of the year, NYC to SF on a bicycle. 8 months. Just the two of us trotting the country, trying to meet rad people and skate as many new places as possible. T’was rad!

CMART: Favorite SHUT moment?
Bogdan: Every time you walk through the SHUT doors a new awesome experience awaits!